… I did it again!


Was so close to having that as a Britney lyric….


So I had promised myself that I would keep up with this and looks like I haven’t. I am going to put this in my BuJo habit tracker from now on. Posting once a week will be better than nothing.


I’ve been busy and my health has been kicking me.


I now have two characters on a Roleplay forum that I am on, and I’m creating a third. One of these characters is a male too – which is new for me.

Along with that, I am now participating in four… yes four… different fan fiction challenges or contests. Three of which are due to be posted on October 14th (a day I am busy on though so I need to get them done and up before then) the other is due on October 31st… that’s the one I am hosting anyway.

To add more to my plate I am now looking at beginning prep for NaNoWriMo – I have my idea and now I just need to get to a stage where I can write.


Along with that, I am reading three books, which is a new thing for me… I used to read a few when I was still in school as I’d have the ones I had to read for classes and the one I was reading for pleasure… whereas this time I am reading them all for pleasure, I thought I would try and I’m not doing too bad tbh.


Here’s from a tired Pixie who needs to stop taking on more and more…

Welcome to my small part of the internet

So… I have started and deleted this blog too many times to count. Having an idea of what to do and never keeping up with it. But that is because I am a perfectionist and hate not being consistent with things. Which with two chronic illnesses is something I need to work on.


So after having a long think, I finally know what I want to do with this blog. I will document (and tease) my writing. I will try and write reviews of the books I read (they may be short) and just document my volunteering and my life in general while dealing with my health issues.


Hopefully you’ll find something enjoyable to read. Hopefully I will have fun writing this and not put too much pressure onto myself.


~ Pixie xo